Reality may be regarded as wholly unacceptable. (At present, and as far back as we can see into the past, it takes the form of an unbroken string of cruelties. It pains, maltreats, and kills us. It is unjust, pitiless, pointless, and hopeless. We are at its mercy, and we are it.) 

"Gerhard Richter: October 18, 1977" By Robert Storr

I use my work to exploit the visual language of the human condition, painting is the perfect medium for this as it is a fixed entity, your mind and imagination is what allows it to move, but the image remains fixed and this is important as you can always find your way back. My work looks at the struggles of mental health and the relationship between this the human condition and ultimately our mortality.

Eve graduated from Grays Art School, Aberdeen with a First in Fine Art Painting Honours Degree, and a Merit in Contextualised Art Practise Masters Degree.

Eve is the Artist in residence for the Ballindalloch Castle.

Prize Winning Works

Past Exhibits

Grays School of Art, Aberdeen - Masters Degree Show 2018

The Lighthouse Gallery, Glasgow - Articles of War 2017

Grays School of Art, Aberdeen - Masters Degree Show 2017

Menier Gallery, London - AFAS Exhibition 2017

Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow - Best of Degree Show 2016

Grays School of Art, Aberdeen - Degree Show 2016

Edinburgh Palette, Edinburgh - Grays interim show 2016

Mall Galleries, London - AFAS Exhibitions 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

St Margaret's, Westminster Abbey, London - AAS Exhibit 2014

Young Gallery, Salisbury - AAS Exhibitions 2014, 2013

Eden Court, Inverness - UHI Exhibition 2012

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